Pisgah Rage 
NICA Composite MTB Bike Team in Buncombe County, NC

Become a Ride Leader/Coach

The success of the team is largely due to volunteer support by

parents and coaches.

NICA requires a ratio of one parent rider/coach to 6 kids. Therefore, it is imperative we have parents/coaches who can volunteer to ride with students

to ensure the success of the team.

Please let us know ASAP if you are interested in riding as a volunteer/coach with our team.

We need parents/coaches with different riding abilities who can ride with our beginner students or expert riders.

Size of the team and the option of taking on new students will depend greatly on the number of coaches.

Students only need a functioning mountain bike, helmet, spare tube and pump to participate. Transportation to practice and races is not provided by the team.

If you are not a parent of a team rider and would like to become a coach on our team, please contact us on the contact page and we will get back with you.

Thank you.

New coaches please check out this link to determine where you are

(i.e....new coaches are level 1) and what requirements you need to be

insured and ride with the team


Steps to become a certified Pisgah Rage Ride Leader/Coach....
1.If you haven't been invited as a coach please let one of the coaches from the team know your email so we can send an invite
2. Once you receive email invite Go to northcarolinamtb.org and go to the Pitzone icon at top to login in or set up an account
3. Once in Pitzone you should be prompted to fill out some basic info and pay your $25 coaching fee
4. Next make sure you background check is up to date. Look in pitzone under coach profile and see if you have a check next to the background check icon. You should be prompted in the pitzone to start the background process by clicking a link. Initial first time screening is $38 This process takes 1-2 weeks so please start ASAP
5. Next complete the concussion training (free). This needs to be done every year. Go to https://nfhslearn.com/courses/61064/concussion-in-sports
You will need to register a new NFHS account or sign into your existing through NFHS Then select NC concussion training. Take the online 15 min tutorial and take a screen shot of your test results at end. Once completed upload your screen shot into the pitzone under your coach profile.
6. Next complete the risk assessment training 1 (free and required every year). If you are level 2 you will need to do risk management 1 and 2. After watching the 20 min youtube select the link to take your test. Take a screenshot of your test results and upload into the pitzone under coach profile. Links to Youtubes and Risk Mang Tests are found here https://www.nationalmtb.org/coaches-license-program/
5. Once done with steps 1-4 sign back into pitzone then under coach profile check to see that you are cleared to coach.

If still having problems check in with a Pisgah Rage coach or https://www.nationalmtb.org/coach-license-faqs/