Pisgah Rage 
NICA Composite MTB Bike Team in Asheville, NC

General Information about our Team

Last year we generally had 2 rides a week, weather permitting. We will likely have a similar ride schedule with Wed rides happening at 4:30 and then a weekend ride (Sat or Sun) often around 1PM.

Rides/practices typically last 2 hours. We ride all the local trails (Richmond Hill, Kolo, Alexander Park and Bent Creek) as well as Mills River and Dupont.

Depending on the number of coaches/volunteers who can lead kids we will try and have at least 2 to 3 different groups based on abilities.

Last year we had some students who were beginner mountain bikers and others who had competed in 25+ mile races competitively.

We generally start around October and end around May. Practices are optional as every student has different commitments with school, clubs and other athletic sports. NICA organizes 5-6 races across the state which occur March-May.

Races are optional and we had some kids compete in all races while other students chose to not race at all.

The success of the team is largely due to volunteer support by parents. NICA requires a ratio of one parent rider/coach to 6 kids. Therefore, it is imperative we have parents who can volunteer to ride with students to ensure the success of the team.

Please let us know ASAP if you are interested in riding as a volunteer with the kids.

We need parents with different riding abilities who can ride with our beginner students or expert kids.

This year we will require a minimum number of volunteer hours or an additional fee as we greatly need parents to consider volunteering on rides. Again the success of the team would not occur without numerous parents who are willing to ride with kids.

Size of the team and the option of taking on new students will depend greatly on parents who are willing to ride with kids at practices.

Students only need a functioning mountain bike, helmet, spare tube and pump to participate. Transportation to practice and races is not provided by the team.

2019/2020 club fees are as follows and for the entire season:
Pisgah Rage Team Fee: $100
NICA fees: Student Athletes  $25 NICA fee
                                                                 $175 registration fee
                                                                    $20 per race (X5 races)
                                                                                                   $300 for a student athlete who is “All in”

5 Volunteer hours or opt out for $100

Volunteer coaches get team fee waived and hours waived if you coach at least 10 practices

**Races are not required

Club fees are used to help offset required coaching costs like background checks, NICA coaching certifications, CPR/First Aid and other requirements. Club fees also go towards supplies, tents, bike stands, banners, scholarships,and other essentials to keep the team in motion.

If you are interested in joining the team please email us on the contact page to get on our team list-serve for important meetings. If you have further questions you can email the above address. The first ride will be in mid October with team information in an email to come out in September.

Our season started December 8, 2018 and ended May 14, 2019.

We are looking forward to our next season!! 

Riders must be Pisgah Rage Team members to participate in our practices. It is not too late to join our team. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a team member.

Further resources:

NICA Races 2019

      March 10, 2019                Brown Creek, Elizabethtown 

      March 24, 2019                Fisher Farm Park, Davidson  

                      April 7, 2019                      Big Leaf Slopes, Statesville  Rained out

                       April 19, 2019                   Dark Mountain, Wilkesboro, Rained out

                              April 28, 2019                 Browns Creek, Elizabethtown make up race

        May 5, 2019                    Farris Memorial Park, Mayodan

                                               May 19, 2018                  Farris Memorial Park, Mayodan  State Championship